A New Hymnal Initiative


    To create a platform for a new collection of hymns and songs from every era of the church to promote unity and multi-generational worship for the honor, glory, and praise of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Anthem (noun)

    an·them | \ˈan(t)-thəm \

    1. a song or hymn of praise or gladness 
    2. a usually rousing popular song that typifies or is identified with a particular subculture, movement, or point of view



    We will have two main resource platforms.

    Printed Hymnal

    • Anthem Songs Hymnal
      This hymnal will feature around 600 songs from every era of the church. The music will be arranged in hymn format with guitar chords included for every song. 

    Online Platform

    • Printable, digital song sheets (hymn format, chords-only, lead-sheets, lyrics-only, etc.)
    • Ability to transpose into other keys.
    • Pre-made projection slides for every song.
    • Ability to connect to other projection software such as Proclaim.
    • The entire Anthem Songs Hymnal will be available to be used on tablets and smartphones.
    • Additional songs not included in the Anthem Songs Hymnal.
    • Plus more features to be announced soon!

    These are the guiding principles behind this initiative.

    1. Faithfulness to God’s Word

    Our aim is to select songs that are biblically accurate, doctrinally sound and reflective of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    2. Christocentric Lyrics

    The Lord Jesus Christ is the center of the Gospel and of the Church. We desire the songs chosen to point to Christ in order to draw out praise, worship, remembrance, adoration and dedication to the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

    3. Multi-Generational Worship

    Our desire is to create a resource for all generations to worship the Lord together through the anthems of our faith in an effort to promote unity in the Body of Christ.

    4. Preserve Historic Hymnody

    Include the classic hymns of the past that teach the truths of scripture for all generations to learn and enjoy together. (Deut 4:10, 6:7, Eph 5:19, Acts 16:25, Col 3:16)

    5. Engage in Modern Hymnody

    To compile the songs written by living and active hymn writers- both famous and unknown- in order to present new songs of worship and praise to the Lord (Psalms 33:3, 40:3, 96:1, 98:1, 144:9, 149:1)

    6. Brethren and Beyond

    To preserve the rich heritage we have been given in the Plymouth Brethren movement of Christ-centered hymnody and present it to the church at large as a useful tool in worship and teaching.

    7. Support Music Ministry

    Understanding that autonomous and culturally diverse churches all have different styles and skill levels in the singing and playing of music and presenting resources useful for all.

    8. Use of Modern Technology

    Realizing that printed hymnals is only one of many mediums used for worship today, this resource will use modern technology to present classic multi-generational songs in a wide variety of both print and web-based platforms.


    Our team is composed of church leaders, musicians, ministry leaders, and more.

    Craig Fritchey

    Chair, Executive Committee

    Craig has been involved in music ministry among the US assemblies since his teens. He is the Conference and Security Coordinator for Christian Missions in Many Lands (CMML) where he has the privilege of connecting with believers around the United States and worldwide at various youth and missions conferences. At his home church, Craig is involved in leading music, youth discipleship, and Bible teaching. As new parents, Craig and his wife share a passion for equipping and inspiring the next generation to worship and follow the Lord.

    Crawford Paul

    Executive Committee

    Crawford is an elder at Rolling Meadows Bible Chapel in Ontario and has a passion for serving and building up the assemblies. He and his wife Beth serve in various ways within the assembly to build up and encourage the believers. He is president of Legacy Ministries Canada, an organization focused on helping individual Christians, local churches and Christian organizations with financial, legal, and governance matters.

    Jesse Fullan

    Executive Committee

    Jesse, a husband and father of 3, has led music for over 15 years in churches, camps, schools, and at conferences. He works as Director of Publications & Communications at Emmaus International. Jesse leads the music ministry at his church, and also writes hymns and worship songs. His passion in music ministry is reviving and updating classic hymns of the faith.

    Aaron Fullan

    Music Arrangement

    Aaron, a husband and father of 3, is a full-time music composer. He majored in Music Ministry at Emmaus Bible College and started composing shortly thereafter. Since 2012, he has composed music for film, audio drama, full orchestra, string quartet, SATB choir, and solo vocalists. Aaron heads up the music ministry at Gateway Bible Chapel in Clinton, IA and has a strong desire to see music within the church strike a balance between musicality, singability, and theological depth. Aaron will be arranging the music for the hymns and songs included in Anthem Songs.

    Reeba James

    Copyright Permissions

    Reeba is from New Jersey and attends Maplewood Bible Chapel. She is an accountant for Believers Stewardship Services. When she isn’t balancing the books, she’s balancing the demands of work, family, friends, and life in general. Ultimately, she lives to know Christ and make Him known. Her prayer is always to count everything as loss for the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus our Lord. Reeba will be helping us obtain the necessary copyright permissions needed for including newer songs that are not Public Domain.

    Joey Monteleone

    Marketing & Social Media

    Joey has been involved with music ministry for over 20 years. He is the Media Production Director at GEP, a consulting firm. He also hosts his own show called the Dismantle, diving into tough issues in an attempt to help foster conversations for the church. At his home church, Terrill Road Bible Chapel, in Fanwood, NJ, he serves as a deacon, music leader, team-builder, and he occasionally preaches. Joey and his wife Elena have two small children and their passion is to help bring life to dormant areas of the church. Joey will be managing our social media accounts and helping us with marketing and promotions.


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    If you would like to help with the set up costs for ANTHEM SONGS (copyright permission fees, website development, music arrangement costs, etc.) you can give a tax deductible gift through Emmaus International.